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Incredible wonderful staff other veterinarians around the nation need to take notice and follow suit of what All Creatures Animal Hospital does in fees and treatment of their customers I cannot say enough good things about All Creatures Animal Hospital they saved my precious Chantel who had cancer and added two and a half years to her life the surgery anywhere else would have been thousands of dollars that all creatures it was $200 thank you to everyone at all creatures.

Raymond H

Today I had to take my doggie in because I thought she had a fox tail in her nose. I had to leave her and was the first time ever leaving her anywhere. They took really good care of her and she is home and all safe and healing ❤ This place is constantly busy and I've never seen them with an empty parking lot , because they are caring and a great team not to mention they sure do make it very affordable. Thank you staff at All Creatures for taking the time for my doggie Kahlua when she needed you

Angela Sullivan

Today my wonderful, beautiful boy Miles kittie took his last breath on my lap with his sister beside him. I'd like to thank Dr.Leanne and Dr. Gregg and all the wonderful staff for being there for Miles and fighting the good fight with him. Thank You All.

Mary Wacker

Once again, All Creatures comes to the rescue. I have to admit that when I called in this morning before hours and Dr. Tom answered the phone, I wept a little. I miss that man; his compassion, love for our pets, sarcasm, and wit. Dr Liana is the bomb! I adore her for some of the same reasons I adore Dr. Tom. I haven't seen her sarcasm yet, but I am sure it's there with her wit. She was so kind to my crying face and she took such good care of my Finn boy. I appreciated everyone there today and I grateful for your service to the animals and their families. Thank You all.

Michelle B

We've been taking our dogs and cats to All Creatures for the past decade and have always been so pleased with their service, staff and the care our pets have received. We have sometimes waited for an hour or more to get waited on but this is one of the busiest veterinary offices in the whole valley. Their prices are much more reasonable than anywhere else so I don't mind waiting as my income is small and I am retired. <3

Shane D

Thank you All Creatures for your amazing care for my grandpuppy Logan Zimmerman. You saved his life. God bless you all

Cathy Murphy

I'm new to Oregon but my son & daughter have been using them for quite some time. My Fergie was having a terrible time coughing. All Creatures was very busy & didn't have any openings for an appointment for to long for my comfort so I've tried a couple of others during the last couple of weeks. I called AC this morning & begged them to fit us in & they did. They were wonderful! Dr. Aubrey seemed to know exactly what was going on & now we finally have a diagnosis & hopefully a solution.

Marcia Berkowitz

To the doctors and staff at All Creatures, all of our Dogs have been with you over the years. You all have shown them great love and understanding. But last night I had to take Roscoe, our sweet boy to the Emergency Vet, and found too much Cancer inside for the surgery to help him. Thank you all for the 12 years you watched over him. Roscoe has passed on and will be sadly missed.

Neil G

I have been going to All Creatures for almost 2 years now. I have a wonderful 10 yr old Chihuahua who has a chronic skin, but since we found ACAH, it's under control. The staff & Vets are so kind and compassionate, not to forget friendly and welcoming. When I hear someone taking issue with ACAH, I'm naturally concerned for both sides, but I would ask people to consider some of the realities of being a low-cost animal hospital.

ACAH has limited resources and does an amazing job with their circumstances. This does NOT mean the facility or care is sub-standard! It's just that time, professional care and supplies only go so far so when the policy is commitment to low-cost services. Wise management will put boundaries on things like amount of clients they can handle. AND ACAH costs ... well, my first visit cost me about 10% of what 4 different animal hospitals quoted me for taking care of my dog! I cried for joy as I left because I knew we'd finally found help that I could afford as a Senior Citizen on a fixed income!!! And my sweet little 4-legged boy is doing so well!!!

I also know that when a business owner stands his ground to provide MUCH-needed services at low costs, there are many who will sabotage the effort in some kind of sick jealousy and wrong-thinking competitive attitude! While I believe in ACAH, nothing/no one is perfect. Yes, they can be difficult to reach, but keep the faith and keep speed-dialing ... ;-) Each person must make the best decisions possible for the love of our FurKids -- I'm just very grateful for ACAH!!!

Sun S

Yes there is always a wait but so worth it. They are great with you pets and you. We had to put our 16 year old to sleep. But we still take her daughter there. My office visit was $10. They are so very well priced. I mean seriously they make it affordable to really take care of your pet. 5 stars allllllllll the way down to All Cratures.

Denise G

Words cannot express my gratitude for this clinic.
Almost two weeks ago, I brought my dog in because she had a HUGE bump on her right shoulder blade. There was a variety of things it could've been so the vet took her back and did an x-ray. Turns out, it was bone cancer and the only thing we could do is amputate her leg. Being she's about 13-years-old and has arthritis throughout her spine, it would be too difficult for her to recover. So it as all a matter of time and we decided on strong pain meds and steroids for now then I would come back in two weeks.
Almost two weeks later...
Friday (3/18) she started to go downhill, needing help up a step or reminding her to go outside to go to the bathroom. Sunday (3/20), she wanted in the house and tripped going up the step and her back legs collapsed. My dad and I carried her to her spot on the floor (with her blankets). This was around 10am. She just couldn't get up or do anything for herself - I had to hand feed her, use a silicone funnel to give her water, put a dustpan under her back end when she needed to use the bathroom, and lift her head when I changed the towel from the water that dripped on it. I made the decision to have her put down because it was so agonizing for her to do anything.
I didn't have the heart to put her in the car and drive all the way out to Eagle Point so I looked for a vet that made house calls. That's a whole other story (I have reviews on two other vet clinics if you'd like to see the names and horrible experiences with them).
I called the on-call vet for All Creatures, I explained what was going on and he said that I could give her more pain meds and could bring her in that day if I needed. I did as he suggested with the meds. I stayed with her all day and all night, hoping she would pass away in her sleep. When that didn't happen, my dad and I made a stretcher and put her in the van then drove out to Eagle Point.
My dad went into the office and let them know why we were there. He came out, got in the van and backed up the side of the building where one of the assistants were waiting. After a few questions and a fee of $25.00 (which is pennies compared to what other vets charge) - she said the vet would be out in a few minutes.
I was trying my best to keep composed for my sweetheart. When the vet and another assistant came out, they were so kind and explained what they were going to do and to talk to her. Losing her was devastating, but the people here made it less stressful because they treated my dog as she was - a part of my family. I can't thank them enough after all of the stress I'd been through with other vets these past 24 hours. Again, thank you for taking care of my girl

Marie B

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